Should I install Windows Vista?
Posted by angelis on January 31 2007 10:42:40
This is going to be a common question as awareness of Vista grows.

If your current computer has one of these things in common, then no.
If you insist on using Vista on a computer meeting one of these criteria, make sure you get the 32bit and 64bit compatible version of Vista. Vista will run on these computers, but older software and hardware is likely to be incompatible, and your system performance is going to be piggish without enough memory.

Now, I know the majority of computers I work on fit one of these criteria, so if you MUST have Vista - here is what I recommend you buy for you new computer:

In any case, if you think it might be nice just to have Vista give yourself a slap, calm down and wait for the first official service pack to be released. Microsoft is well known for using people who must have the latest as guinea pigs for testing and working out bugs and flaws. Now that Vista is finally in retail release, lets see just how long before a hacker can punch holes in the security features and cause that first "critical update" to be released.