Internet Explorer 7
Posted by angelis on December 23 2006 12:54:34
The latest release of Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) is now available for those wishing to upgrade.

Please note that the upgrade to IE7 is going to be forced upon those of you who have Windows update set to automatically install new updates. I recommend you change the Windows updates settings to prompt before install so that you can evaluate feedback on IE7 and decide if it is indeed the right choice for you.

The "pro" argument for installing it right now is it appears to offer far greater standalone security than the current IE6.

The "con" argument is however more compelling.
IE7 subtley changes the way IE6 and previous versions display web pages and some of your favourite web pages currently available may not display correctly.
It takes more control of the way cookies are handled and has a huge list of security features which may unwittingly lock you out of your current favourite pages as IE7 will deem them as security risks.

I am experimenting with IE7 at the moment. As a builder of websites I need to know how it is going to display the data I need the visitors to my sites to see.
I cannot recommend an upgrade to IE7 at this stage, if you run IE6 and a firewall/antivirus package then you are as secure as ever from current threats.