Spam from
Posted by angelis on August 30 2006 18:52:14
Some clown is spoofing email from this domain, and the ones that I have got on other email accounts have contained viruses in an attachment. Do not open these attachments and delete the email and the attachment immediately.

The most recent I have seen are claiming someone has sent you money and you need to open the attachment to claim the cash.
This is of course bogus and infects your computer with a virus, or as some other clown alters the payload in the future, possibly trojans and other nasty bits of malware. is not responsible for sending these emails and we are in no way associated with the people that are. Unfortunately it is quite a simple task for these people to make an email appear from someone that you feel you can trust, and often people are lulled into opening the attachment thinking it is safe.

The good news is that properly updated antivirus software is catching these emails and disabling the payload in the attachment.