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If you have a problem with your computer, why should you spend your time unplugging it, your time transporting it, explaining the problems to some kid who doesn't care, then more of your time collecting it, before battling with all those damn cables again?

We hear you and we have a solution for you.

Experienced troubleshooters coming to you, no fighting with cables, no wondering what your money buys you.

Now you can see it for yourself and have it explained to your satisfaction, and it saves you your most precious of commodities - time.

As this website is globally accessible, please be aware that is only available for service calls in the northeastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
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Mobile: 0402 061 648

Got that niggling feeling you might have trojans, spyware, adware, dialers, virus or some other nasties on your computer?

Getting annoying popups even when you arenít online?

Having hassles installing software or hardware?

Not sure how to install your new camera, MP3 player, printer, PDA or phone software?

Need someone to explain how to use that new toy?

Bought a wireless router and donít know how to secure your network to stop people using your connection for free?

Would you just like piece of mind knowing your internet banking and online shopping is not being monitored by someone else?

Give us a call. operates under the policy of no fix means no charge

Our service is mobile and is available by appointment at a time convenient to you. We also offer a pickup and return service.

This month we are offering a discount for our combined security lockdown and PC check up for just $30, including GST.

The lockdown disables known methods of getting unauthorised access to your computer. The PC checkup looks at your computer and checks for known security breaches.

You can view a full list of the services we offer on our website.
or call 0402 061 648 to book your checkup.

To read more about this offer and the conditions under which it is offered, please click here.
angelis on October 11 2009 18:30:00 · Read More · 11581 Reads · Print
Need a painter to freshen up the house?
It's just one of those jobs we all would rather be done by somebody else isn't it?

A good friend of mine recently finished his apprenticeship as a painter and is now looking for work.

He can do jobs on just about any scale from industrial to domestic and even roof restorations.

Richard is ethical, hardworking and understands the value of a dollar. He does no obligation free quotes so if you need a job done and you are looking for a licensed painter in the northern suburbs of Adelaide, give him a call on mobile 0414650971 or 08 85235379.
angelis on August 04 2008 13:14:16 · Print
Looking to buy domains and websites.
I am looking to again expand my web based business. Got a small website or domain names you don't need?

I'm looking to buy, click here for details.
angelis on May 05 2008 18:30:00 · Print
Our web store
We have partnered with to provide you with some of the best value computers, computer parts and accessories on the planet. You won't believe some of the prices on software, books, even digital cameras and memory cards.

To check it out, click here and grab a bargain.
angelis on January 12 2008 13:58:48 · Print
If I am hard to get hold of.....
My wife and I are expecting the arrival of our first child anytime soon.

If I'm not answering the phone or responding to emails as quickly as I normally do, please leave a message by using the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
angelis on November 26 2007 14:37:49 · Print
Time for some R & R
I'm off from Wednesday (24/10) evening until some time on Saturday (27/10).....

The weather is finally looking reasonable and the close of the snapper season is fast approaching. We can't get mobile reception 30 miles out in Spencer Gulf so if you need to contact me please click here and leave a message.

I'll do my best to get back to you by Saturday night.
angelis on October 24 2007 10:12:11 · Print
Search Engines, seperating the myths from reality.
Catchy title hey?

I nearly choked on my muffin when I read a competitors claims about what a search engine is, how to take advantage of them and what this particular company could do for a fee. Looking at this companies fees (they charge 10 to 12 times what I do for a website) for this search engine "strategy" made me feel sorry for any poor sucker that has used their services.

It's qualifier time here - what qualifies me to comment on and dispel the myths about search engines.

I own a few domains. Hundreds to be more accurate. They are all commercial sites, they are all active and they are all indexed by google. I control mind boggling amounts of search engine hits a day across all the pages I have published. If you're looking to use the services of an experienced SEO company, check out our SEO service page by clicking here.

In general I'm referring to the king of search in this article, what the others tend to do after some time is follow that lead. Click on the Read More link below to read the rest of this article.
angelis on October 15 2007 18:41:08
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Noticed the increasing amount of spam lately?
Spam has been on the rise, just incase you haven't noticed. A very organised group of criminals has been having a field day spreading a new worm that turns infected machines into spam mills.

This spam is truly dangerous, because it feeds off human emotion and arrives as innocuous e-greeting/birthday cards from "friends" and "secret admirers" and so on and so on. You may also get warning emails from eBay about your account being used for fraud, and this email like the e-greeting cards links directly to the infection.

Unfortunately you won't know if you have been caught unless you are using an updated anti-virus/firewall on your computer. If you have opened one of these emails lately, I suggest you update your AV and run a full system scan to identify and remove it.
angelis on August 15 2007 18:09:27 · Print
Quick trip away
Taking a break over the next few days, will be absent from Thursday May 10 and returning for work on Monday May 14.

I won't even be close to anything like the internet, so if you need non-urgent assistance, please click here and leave a message.
angelis on May 09 2007 09:12:07 · Print
Firefox and possible vulnerability
I am reading around a few webmaster boards of a worm that is mysteriously invading PCs of seasoned webmasters using Firefox. The name of this worm is Worm_Nuwar.AOO and it typically hides in the Firefox profiles folder.

So far the reports I have seen indicate the file has not been executed and that the file has been discovered by anti-virus programs after the file has snuck it's way in. If this was an innocent payload designed to see if Firefox could be breached, what might follow may not be so innocuous. The webmasters reporting that this file has been on their computers have notified the various AV companies that they use, so a point of contact detection update can't be too far away.

As always people, keep your antivirus programs up to date.
angelis on April 28 2007 00:35:14 · Print
Warning on prompted installs
This is some seriously nasty trojan activity. It normally starts like this, you are surfing a site, and under Windows XP and Vista, Internet Explorer will pop a warning bar, which appears just under all the normal menu bars you have.

This warning bar will tell you you are required to download and install ............. in order to view this page correctly.

I have seen 2 variants so far, one asks you to install google toolbar, which is going to be easy to spot if you already have it installed, the other asks you to install a Windows component and claims to be authentic Windows software.

In my article on security I have warned all who have read do not install anything that pops up while you are surfing no matter what it claims to be. Go to the offical site, in this case and and install any components you need directly from the source.

Some antivirus programs are detecting this as a security threat, but since the payload does not actually have any malicious intent I feel the others are lagging behind in offering protection for this. I have seen recent estimates of 5 to 10% of PCs worldwide are infected by this trojan, which is just mind boggling.

The trojan so far has only been identified as altering how your computer communicates with the internet, by changing the servers your computer connects to in order to find websites you want to visit. These servers are considered hostile and are then used to control your surfing experience. Webmasters who rely on affiliate programs to generate income have estimated up to 15% of their income is being taken by people who control these hostile servers, as the servers work by manipulating the affiliate links to credit them instead of the webmaster with the sale, literally stealing income from that webmaster.

As affiliate programs and webmasters fight back against this the people controlling these servers are bound to use them for malicious reasons, so this is a sleeper threat just waiting to be triggered. The potential I see for future threats are information gathering (credit cards, banking details etc), spam assaults and DDoS attacks.

There is no easy way to tell that you have been hit by this infection and in my test PCs that I deliberately infected the ultimate solution has been to back up critical files, format and reinstall windows.
angelis on March 20 2007 22:53:32 · Print
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